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​Gowoonsesang Dr.g

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Gowoonsesang is the name of Dermatology group practices in South Korea. One of the leading 

Dermatologists, Dr. Gun Y. Ahn, is the founder of Gowoonsesang Dermatology Networks and there are 14 

branch offices in South Korea after his first clinic launched In 1998. 

Gowoonsesang is operated by 40 board certified Dermatologists, 200 registered nurses, and more than 100 

administrative service staffs and they have been the host of Academic symposiums as well as presenters of 

conferences on Asian Academy of Cosmetic & Dermatology Surgery. Further, Gowoonsesang record Shows 

1.8 million visits included 1.4 million clinical treatments at 19 branches in South Korea. 

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